Diving Deep, Flying High

Workshop overview

Date: TBC

We will use Tango music and dance to explore the wider aspects of our minds and connect deeper to our hearts.

  • Explore and learn to enjoy cabeceo-mirada experiences
  • Listen to our hearts and each other for better understanding.
  • Cultivate loving kindness, mindfulness and wisdom to free ourselves from stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Dance to the rhythm of the music and live in the rhythm of life.

(You don’t need to have dance experience or been to our earlier workshops to attend this workshop.)

Outline of topics

We will cover the following topics in the workshop

Starting out

  • Warm up: free movement with Tango music
  • Guided standing meditation
  • Outline of the day and introductions
  • Mindful tango philosophy
  • The problems that stop us from connecting and enjoying the dance

Module 1: Description of Mindfulness:

  • Origins and premise
  • The Mindfulness Bird: heart and mind
  • Observing mind: body, feeling, thought and perception
  • Short guided meditation – demonstration

Module 2: Get to know yourself

  • What are your values in life? What really matters to you? What is your life music?
  • Guided Mindful dialogue and group sharing
  • Music: the heart of tango

Module 3: Get to know yourself (cont’d)

  • Conditions for happiness
  • Treasure hunt
  • Mindfulness of the breath

Module 4: Mindful exercises

  • The 4 Rs: Recognise, Release, Relax, Refresh
  • Mindful eating exercises

Break and Mindful lunch

Module 5:  Get to know yourself (cont’d)

  • Cabeceo exercise
  • Life’s hindrances
  • Grounding exercises

Module 6: Pauses

  • Pausing in Tango
  • Applying the 4 Rs
  • Daily practice

Module 7: Get to know yourself (final)

  • Goals
  • Committed action
  • Befriending fear exercises

Module 8: Loving kindness

  • Musicality
  • Embrace
  • Loving kindness meditation