Weekend Workshop – Deep Connection

Mindful Tango - Deep ConnectionOur Mindful Tango weekend workshop is an opportunity for us to make a deep connection through tango and mindfulness. You don’t need to be a dancer or bring a partner to attend this weekend.

We use basic Tango movements, posture and connection to help in dance and in daily life:

  • Breathing and body awareness
  • Letting go of distracting thoughts
  • Mindful daily routines
  • Pausing to savour the moment

Focus on musicality to explore deeper into your heart and mind.

  • Watch your own mind and control the judgmental voice in your head
  • Dive deeply into your own psyche to gain insights and develop wisdom
  • Listen to your heart and find your purpose in life
  • Open your mind: breathe in the air and breathe out love

It is going to be a full board residential weekend in a country house where you can relax in peace and nature. Dates (a weekend from Friday to Sunday in April) and prices (between £247 – £297) are to be confirmed soon. Please contact us to register your interest and we will put you on our special guest list for discount.

This weekend workshop will help you to improve awareness, attention and connection so that you can get more out of your dance and enjoy a life free from stress, fear or anxiety.

Make a commitment to your happiness and well-being today!

“Lotus manages to inspire us to live in the now. Her manner is so calm and her knowledge so deep. She encouraged us to reflect upon our current practice and made us aware of how we could incorporate into our every lives. This course is a must for everyone. If only it were more available as it is vital in this fast pace life so that we learn strategies on how to survive on an emotional level.” – Sherrie Spinks