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I came as a dancer and went away inspired enough to become one with the partner. Excellent day! All tango people should do this. ~ Terry O’Brien

At the start it was challenging, being my first time. By the end I was feeling the magic myself in quite unexpected and moving way. ~ Paul Tofts

This is inspiring work and anyone of us that takes mindfulness onto the tango floor is going to give and receive a superb connection through dance. The world needs this work to enable us all to give and receive wonderful connection. Heartfelt thanks! ~ Sheila Sword

Just what a lot of tango dancers need to improve upon: more connection – less inhibition – more kindness for the partner ~ Genevieve

A journey of the heart, mind and body leading to a powerful intimate dance! ~ Annette Fry

This class improves the connectivity in tango by taking a mindful approach ~ Omer Casher

It is a day of personal enhancement through learning two new skills: to dance (still badly as a beginner) and to communicate without words. ~ Len Hooper

An innovative way into understanding tango dancing at a deeper level. Time passed so quickly! ~ Eric Howard

Very informative and interesting ~ Mary Thomas

We hear the word “mindfulness” everywhere. Lotus made us listen and understand. David made everyone feel able to a dance. A wonderful day! Thank you. ~ Kay Wraith

A very inspiring, practical workshop that surpassed my expectations as a novice tango dancer. ~ Jason Gibson

Mindfulness is so applicable to dancing the tango and this workshop gave very good guidance on this. ~ Cheryl

A brilliant, high-quality workshop: would recommend it to anyone with an interest either in mindfulness or tango or (as in my case) both. ~ Chris Chibnall

I have practiced meditation before and have been on a similar titled workshop – this workshop has been inspirational. I loved David’s gentle teaching of Tango and will endeavour to go onto one of Lotus’s retreats. Thank you both. ~ Kay Wraith

I enjoyed the workshop and found both the course lecturers and attendees very friendly and supportive ~ Ann Howarth

A very enjoyable, educational and spiritual day ~ Roy Bromich

I did make a BIG effort to put into practice what I’d learnt at your workshop on 19th and it really worked. I really concentrated on making a connection rather than thinking about the steps and had some really great dances! What a difference one workshop made eh? ~ Ann


Q: I am already a dancer and enjoying tango, how will Mindful Tango help me? A: Whether you’re an experienced tango dancer or a beginner, Mindful Tango will show you how to deepen your experiences on the dance floor and how to extend these experiences to create beautiful moments in your daily life. Read more

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Lotus Nguyen, a mindfulness trainer & coach, and David Bailey, a tango teacher, have come together to offer Mindful Tango programme, an innovative approach to tango and mindfulness practice, which brings a deeper connection and more fulfilment, both on the dance floor and in daily life. Read more

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