Q & A

Q: I am already a dancer and enjoying tango, how will Mindful Tango help me?

  • A: Whether you’re an experienced tango dancer or a beginner, Mindful Tango will show you how to deepen your experiences on the dance floor and how to extend these experiences to create beautiful moments in your daily life.

    Q: I know of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness but I don’t dance tango. I have two left feet and cannot dance.

  • A: Mindful Tango will help you improve your coordination and physical expression.

    Q: I have learnt and practiced mindfulness but find it hard to keep it practicing.

  • A: Mindful Tango will give you the chance to try a new way to practice, meeting new people and having fun whilst developing your ability to be in the moment.

    Q: I find meditation quite hard to do. I can’t sit still on the cushion in one spot for a long while.

  • A: Mindful Tango would be perfect for you as Mindful Tango is not static. It is a walking dance, blending meditation and movement.

    Q: I have been feeling lonely and empty, searching for something which I can’t quite name.

  • A: Mindful Tango will help you reconnect to life – to yourself, to others, to the rhythms of life. You will have a sense of connectedness that brings fulfillment, happiness and joy to the heart.

    Q: Is mindfulness a religious practice?

  • A: Mindfulness is not about religion. It is a way of living – living in awareness and with love and compassion. Anyone can benefit from mindfulness practice.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.