Workshop: Diving Deep, Flying High

Diving Deep, Flying High

“This workshop explores wider aspects of our mind and connects deeper to our heart. We will use Tango music and dance to learn to...

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Workshop: Make a Deep Connection

Make a Deep Connection

“This workshop will explore the basic Tango movements, posture and connection to develop mindfulness of oneself and of the world around and to make a deep connection in dance and daily life...

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“This is inspiring work and anyone of us that takes mindfulness onto the tango floor is going to give and receive a superb connection through dance. The world needs this work to enable us all to give and receive wonderful connection. Heartfelt thanks!" ~ Sheila Sword

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Make a deep connection

Mindful Tango

“Deep connection is meaningful, rewarding and enriching. We may have thousands of “connected” online friends, but if none of these connections is meaningful, we still feel alone.

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Mindful Tango

Mindful Tango

Mindful Tango is a form of mindfulness meditation in movement. It is a new and novel way to practice mindfulness, combining absolute awareness and deep consciousness with the passion of the dance...

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What’s Mindfulness?

Mindful Tango

Mindfulness means paying attention to life’s experiences as they really are in the present moment. It is associated with openness and non-judgment, with patience and acceptance, without bias or expectation, ...

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Standing up

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How difficult can it be? I mean, subject to injuries and being over 1 year old, we can all stand up, can’t we?

Of course, it’s not that simple. In Argentine Tango it never is. It’s possibly one of the simplest dance forms around, yet it’s also one of the more difficult. “Simple” is not “easy”.Most of us, most of the time, do not stand “well”. We slouch, we have concave chests, we lift our shoulders, and we generally don’t even consider the way we’re standing.

So let’s consider it now.

A brief exercise

Within our upcoming workshop Mindful Tango: Introducing Deep Connection, we’ll spend one of the modules looking specifically at standing. With that in mind, here’s a brief posture exercise for you:

  1. Stand up straight, and breathe in. Keep the knees slightly bent.
  2. Keep the feet together.
  3. Lean forwards, until your toes start curling, then slowly lean back until your toes naturally uncurl. Stay at that point.
  4. Lift your arms up high above your head to raise your chest (ribcage). Lower your arms and keep the chest lifted in place.
  5. Roll your shoulders forwards, then up, then back and finally down, so that the shoulders are relaxed.
  6. Now, transfer all your weight onto one foot.

And the tricky part is to do all of this, at the same time.


Within Argentine Tango, the dance simply won’t work until you have the right posture. Posture, like the embrace, the walk and the musicality, is one of the vital components of the dance. It’s even arguable that posture is the most important aspects – it enables the embrace and the walk.

And from a connection point of view, a good posture allows you to connect to yourself, to your parter and to the floor. It helps you develop and enhance this connection, and to retain it or regain it when things go wrong.

So that’s why we’ll be spending some time on standing correctly in our workshop on Saturday 3rd November. Because standing is not that easy.


Q: I am already a dancer and enjoying tango, how will Mindful Tango help me? A: Whether you’re an experienced tango dancer or a beginner, Mindful Tango will show you how to deepen your experiences on the dance floor and how to extend these experiences to create beautiful moments in your daily life. Read more

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Lotus Nguyen, a mindfulness trainer & coach, and David Bailey, a tango teacher, have come together to offer Mindful Tango programme, an innovative approach to tango and mindfulness practice, which brings a deeper connection and more fulfilment, both on the dance floor and in daily life. Read more

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