Workshop: Diving Deep, Flying High

Diving Deep, Flying High

“This workshop explores wider aspects of our mind and connects deeper to our heart. We will use Tango music and dance to learn to...

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Workshop: Make a Deep Connection

Make a Deep Connection

“This workshop will explore the basic Tango movements, posture and connection to develop mindfulness of oneself and of the world around and to make a deep connection in dance and daily life...

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“This is inspiring work and anyone of us that takes mindfulness onto the tango floor is going to give and receive a superb connection through dance. The world needs this work to enable us all to give and receive wonderful connection. Heartfelt thanks!" ~ Sheila Sword

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Make a deep connection

Mindful Tango

“Deep connection is meaningful, rewarding and enriching. We may have thousands of “connected” online friends, but if none of these connections is meaningful, we still feel alone.

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Mindful Tango

Mindful Tango

Mindful Tango is a form of mindfulness meditation in movement. It is a new and novel way to practice mindfulness, combining absolute awareness and deep consciousness with the passion of the dance...

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What’s Mindfulness?

Mindful Tango

Mindfulness means paying attention to life’s experiences as they really are in the present moment. It is associated with openness and non-judgment, with patience and acceptance, without bias or expectation, ...

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Dance in the now

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One definition of mindfulness is that it is the practice of focusing your attention on the  moment – in the now. Without worrying about the future, or the past.

This attitude is also very important within tango, and we can use it within .

Pairs of dancers

Dancing in the past

Stuff goes wrong when dancing. Always. Nothing is perfect, and we all make mistakes. For example, leaders can occasionally mistake which leg their partner’s weight is on – so typically leading an unintended movement.(“Unintended”, not “wrong” – there are no “wrong” steps in Tango).

So mistakes happen. But if you let a mistake affect your subsequent dancing, if you try to adjust your dancing, you lose focus, you’re far more likely to make more mistakes, and you lose connection.

Dancing in the future

Similarly, anticipation is one of the cardinal sins. Argentine Tango is not – despite what you may see in performances – a choreographed dance. In it’s pure form, it is totally improvised, with each step being danced individually.

For example, it’s quite common for followers to anticipate movements. Typically, they’ll have learnt a sequence in a class, then, in social dancing, they meet someone who leads one or two steps from that sequence, they will assume that the next few steps will also belong to that sequence. So the followers subsequently anticipate the next steps, instead of connecting to the leaders and following the lead.

And again, the connection is lost.

Dance in the now

To avoid dancing in the past, you need to let go of the mistakes, to move past them, and to accept that they’ll always happen. Eventually, you can even get to the point where you enjoy your mistakes, treating them as opportunities for creating new movements and hence increasing your creativity.

To avoid dancing in the future, you need to stop thinking of dancing as a combined set of predefined fixed pattterns, and start thinking of it as a continuous and ongoing process.

In both cases, you need to let go of preconceptions, and avoid retaining the past or anticipating the future.

In other words, dance in the now.

We’ll be expanding on the ideas of dancing and living in the now, in our Foundations Workshop: Introducing Deep Connection.


Q: I am already a dancer and enjoying tango, how will Mindful Tango help me? A: Whether you’re an experienced tango dancer or a beginner, Mindful Tango will show you how to deepen your experiences on the dance floor and how to extend these experiences to create beautiful moments in your daily life. Read more

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Lotus Nguyen, a mindfulness trainer & coach, and David Bailey, a tango teacher, have come together to offer Mindful Tango programme, an innovative approach to tango and mindfulness practice, which brings a deeper connection and more fulfilment, both on the dance floor and in daily life. Read more

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