He Xie Story

Wealth, Success, Well-being & Harmony: which would you choose to come into your life first?

He Xie is a Chinese parable written by Ven. Master Master Hsing Yun. You can read the text below or play the animated video.

This story teaches us that we should put harmony as the first priority because it is the foundation for happiness. When we have harmony, life flows effortlessly. The things that we want in life such as well-being, success and wealth will follow.

However, it is hard to understand what harmony is in our life, and even when we recognise it, it is difficult to achieve.

What is harmony?

Harmony means we get along well with ourselves and with one another. Harmony is manifested by showing peace. Despite the conflicts that might take place within oneself, the differences we have as individuals, the imperfect world that we live in, when we are in harmony, we manage to make peace in our inner world and our outer world.

What causes disharmony?

Disharmony usually takes place when we don’t resolve conflicts effectively, in ourselves or with others, when we think we are right and that others are wrong, when things go wrong and we blame ourselves or others.

Guilt takes over and punishment is called for. Anger is harboured and revenge is wanted.

How can we create a sense of harmony ?

    • We recognize that everything is interconnected and we don’t act as if we were a separate entity:
        • Within our self, our body, mind and spirit are closely connected and affect each other.
        • In our relationships with others, it is not you or me or them that are right or wrong, it is WE – we all are in it together. We create and take responsibility together. “It takes two to Tango” – so they say.
    • Accept:
      • Accept yourself as you are.
      • Accept others and embrace differences.
      • Accept the fact that the world is not perfect.
    • Make no judgment of yourself or of others. Allow yourself and others to make mistakes. Forgive, forget and let go.


Harmony is like a conduit connecting us to ourselves and the world around us. When there is harmony, there is no barrier, there is no struggle. There is peace. Life flows and everything just falls into place.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone acted in harmony. Imagine what it would be like when we are kind to ourselves and to each other. Image how happy we would feel when we help each other and work well together.

What would a world of harmony look like to you? Do share with us your thoughts by writing your comments below:


On a rainy night of New Year’s Eve, a lonely little girl was saddened by the disagreements that came upon her family members.

The little girl sadly said to herself: “It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, but it’s been raining all day long. New Year is coming but everyone is not in a good mood. Brother insists on buying a new motorcycle. Dad, Mom, and Brother are quarreling about it again.”

Dad said to Brother: “Can’t you use the old motorcycle? You just know how to spend money!”

   Mom also said to Brother: “The economy is bad, why don’t you just use the old one?”

Brother angrily replied: “The old motorcycle breaks down all the time, you can use it! I won’t!”

   “It’s your fault. You have spoiled him!”, Dad said to Mom.

The little girl asked herself: “It’s New Year, but why is everyone unhappy?”.

“Kitty, can you tell me how to make everyone happy for the New Year?”, the little girl asked her cat.

   Then, outside the window, the little girl saw four old men coming: “Dad, Mom, look! Brother, come and see, quick!”

Mom said to the old men: “Ah, it’s raining so heavily, Sirs, please come in for shelter!”

Old man #1 said: “Haha, thank you for your kindness, Madam. But we have a rule, only one of the four of us can come in. Who do you wish to invite in?”

The four old men then introduced themselves one by one.

Old man #2 : “I am Wealth.”

Old man #3 : “I am Success.”

Old man #4 : “I am Well-being.”

Old man #1 said with a laugh: “Haha, everyone calls me Harmony.”

Dad said: “Surely we should invite in Wealth, then we can have a comfortable life!”

Brother said: “No, no, choose Success! I want my family to be proud of me!”

Mom said: “Wait a moment! I think Well-being is the most important!”

Dad exclaimed: “Wealth!”

Brother exclaimed: “Success!”

Mom exclaimed: “Well-being!”

The little girl asked her mother: “Mom, Mom, What is harmony? Why don’t you invite in Harmony?”

   Dad said: “Yes, you’re right! Why don’t we invite in Harmony? New Year is here, we should be harmonious. Let’s invite Mr. Harmony in, then!”

Seeing that all of the four old men came in together, little girl’s father said: “Eh? I thought you said only one of you can come in? Why did all of you come in?”

Old men #1 replied: “Haha, we have another rule. If Harmony enters, Well-being, Success and Wealth will follow.”

The little girl happily said, “Now I understand. To be happy is to be in harmony.”