Lotus Nguyen, a mindfulness trainer & coach, and David Bailey, a tango teacher, have come together to offer Mindful Tango programme, an innovative approach to tango and mindfulness practice, which brings a deeper connection and more fulfilment, both on the dance floor and in daily life.

Lotus Nguyen works with organizations and individuals who want to reduce stress, improve their work performance and enrich their life. She aspires to make her work relevant to modern daily life, simple to understand and easy to practice. Being a mindful tango dancer, she has blended mindfulness and tango in a fun, creative and interactive way to help people create a lifestyle of peace, joy and happiness.

“After following Lotus´s training sessions, I have learned how to be aware of myself. My perceptions of my life and my own feelings have changed. I can now handle my worries, understand myself and smile to life. Thanks to Lotus, my everyday life has become an everyday joy.” – Kristyna Kinstova

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David Bailey is a tango teacher from London. David has been dancing and teaching Tango for 12 years. He says: “Focussing on connection in dancing leads us into a state of mindfulness, which both enhances our dancing experience, and allows us to enrich our day-to-day life. I’m very excited and enthusiastic about making a deep connection between tango and mindfulness, within in a Mindful Tango environment”

“I’m far from being a “natural”, but David has been just the Tango teacher I’ve needed for the last quarter of a decade! As well as being an expert on his subject, he is an expert in helping and encouraging his students… unfailingly friendly, patient and encouraging.” ~ Chris, Houghton Regis

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